What is online booking and how do I use it?

Online booking is a convenient way of booking your travel over the internet. Using the air India online services you can:
Book a flight and pay online for your travel
Request for a particular seat, special meal or service
Redeem your frequent miles online
Check flights status
View the schedule and timetable
Web check-in
Make an online booking using the NGPAY mobile app

How do I use online booking services?
You can start by visiting ‘’book online’’ option of this site.

You will then have to follow the process of:
Search – find a suitable flight/routing/date
Select – display of fares and selection of suitable fares
Passengers and payments – inserting details of passengers and payment details on a secured site
Confirmation – getting a confirmation of the booking details.

Can I use this service for checking availability and fares without actually purchasing a ticket?
You can check flight availability and fares, as we take the payment only if you choose to complete a booking. In addition, you can view domestic apex and instant purchase fares through manage your trip, fares.

Is air India online booking valid for travel on other airlines?
No , currently all the bookings are valid only for travel on air India and its codes share partners. No interline sales are permitted online. tickets are non – endorsable to any other airline.

Can I make the booking online and pay at any of the air India offices?
Due to ticketing regulations, a different fare may apply if you wish to pay for the tickets at an air India office. The fares displayed online are for sale and payment made through www.air India.in only.

What is the maximum number of travelers for whom I can make an online reservation?
In an online transaction, you can book up to nine passengers, including adults an dchildren in your travelling party. The figure could vary in business and first class depending on the configuration of the aircraft. However for code share bookings it is limited to 4 passengers per booking.

What bookings can be made using the concessionary fare types?
Currently you may use the concessionary fare types link for making an online booking for domestic travel within India only. The concessions offered are for senior citizen, youth, students and other government and military concessions, the details of which can be viewed on the link – concessionary – fares .htm if any case senior citizen fares are valid for international travel, the details will be viewable on the above link.

How can I pay for my ticket online, what are the payment methods?
You can use a credit card by master/visa/ amex / certain debit cards or by net banking are mentioned in our terms and conditions. Amex cards can be currently used for online bookings made for travel originating from India, for domestic travel within India and for travelling originating from USA,UK, Europe, Japan and Singapore. If your payment is successful you will receive an itinerary receipt by email.

How do I know that the connection is secure?
The closed lock on the bottom of the browser is an indication that the page is secure. You may also view the same, using the browser security options in the tools/ properties depending on the browser you are using.

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