Hotstar is a no 1 video streaming app as well as the website in India. It ranks one of the top 20 websites in India. Users might issue regarding the Hotstar premium subscription, renewal of hotstar premium subscription,  facing video playback issues, Eligibility for a free trial? error saying content not available in my region? Cancellation of subscription etc. Here we support users to connect Hotstar app customer care support. You can contact directly to the Hotstart app customer care number of you can report your complaint through the mail to Hotstar Customer Care Email ID.

” Hotstar App Customer Care Toll free Number & Email ID – Report Complaint “

Get In Touch: If you have any feedback for us or are facing any issues,please write your complaint to [email protected]

Hotstar Official Customer Care Email ID: [email protected] 

Hotstar App Customer Care Toll Free Number: 

Hotstar Toll free number 1833-212-2120 

Frequently Asked Questions / Queries regarding Hotstar App Complaints:

Premium Membership – Hotstar App Customer Care:

  • What is Premium Membership?

    The premium membership is a recurring monthly plan. This membership grants you access to all our premium titles which are currently available on the platform as well as the titles which we will add in future.

    We offer a free trial so that you can try out this membership. No commitments, you can cancel anytime during the trial.

    Our free content continues to be available for free for all users.

    You can start your premium membership here.

  • What videos are available in the premium catalog?

    Premium English shows and movies are exclusively available to members only. We have a library as well as current seasons for a number of shows, and we are continuously adding to our extensive premium catalog.

    We also have latest Hindi and regional movies for exclusive access to premium members.

    You can see the premium shows and movies available with us at

    Not only this, we also allow exclusive early access to your favorite prime time TV shows. Latest primetime episodes are available on Hotstar at 6 pm IST every day, before they air on TV.

    Live sports (IPL is 5 min delayed) are available to premium members only.

    Please note that the premium videos that we can offer are subject to streaming rights available with us. This means that we may have rights to stream only certain seasons of a show, or that only a certain number of latest episodes may be available with us.

  • Subscribe in 3 easy steps on and enjoy the service on web and Apps

    1. Go to from any browser to sign-up for the Premium service
    2. Register with your email ID and password, or with your Facebook account.
    3. Enter your payment details.

      ” How do I become a premium member? – Hotstar App Customer Care”

    To enjoy the Premium membership on our apps, you can sign-in on the Apps using your login credentials.

    iOS users now have the option of purchasing the Premium Membership on iTunes!

  • Is this service available outside India?

    This membership is only available in India. The premium videos are available on Desktop web, Android and iOS devices. Mobile web does not support premium videos.

  • How long is the membership valid?

    Your premium membership is valid as long you don’t cancel it. Your premium membership may only get interrupted in case your payment is disrupted due to credit card expiry or third party payment process failure. If we make any changes in the structure of the membership, we will inform you before we roll out the changes.

    For subscribers who have paid with debit cards, the membership is valid for the number of months that you chose to pay for.

  • Are there any restrictions on my membership?

    There are no restrictions on your membership. At this point in time, only one premium video is playable from one subscriber account. This is to ensure that your premium membership is not misused.

    In case you see an error that says you are trying to access premium videos from more than one device, please check if you are already streaming another premium video at the same time from another device. To continue watching the current video, make sure you have stopped the earlier video. Refresh on current device to continue watching the premium video.

  • What are the system requirements necessary for premium membership?

    Premium content works best on:


    • Google Chrome v49.x
    • Mozilla Firefox v44.x
    • Safari v9.1x
    • Microsoft Windows XP or above / MAC OS 10.2 or above
    • Latest version of Adobe Flash Player
    • JavaScript and cookies enabled

    The Hotstar applications work best with a minimum system requirement of:

    • Android v.4.0
    • iOS 8
  • What is DRM and how does it affect me?

    DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. Our premium content is DRM protected. DRM protection ensures that the content cannot be copied, transferred or modified in any way.

    To watch DRM protected videos you will need a valid subscription and a device/application that supports DRM. This is the reason why our DRM videos play only on desktop web browsers and our iOS and Android apps, and not on mobile web browsers.

    Our DRM protected content will not play on browser tabs that are in incognito/private mode as this mode prevents Hotstar from streaming video in a secure environment. To ensure that you are able to enjoy this content, please playback from a browser tab in standard mode.

  • I am a Jio user. What videos are available to me in the premium catalog

    Jio users get access to live sports, prime time episodes and Indian movies for free. If you are a Jio user, you will need a Hotstar membership to watch premium English content.

Service usage issues – Hotstar App Customer Care:

  • If you are facing video playback issues:

    • Ensure that cookies are enabled on your web browser to watch premium content.
    • Please check if you have signed in with your correct subscriber credentials. Check your subscription status in the My Account section.
    • Try to move to our Hotstar apps or desktop web, in case you are trying to watch on a mobile browser.
    • If you are seeing a concurrent stream error, ensure that only one premium content stream is being accessed from your account, across devices. Close the earlier video if you were already streaming something, and refresh on your current device.

      I am facing Hotstar video playback issues. What do I do?

    In case you still face issues, you can send us a screenshot of the error from your subscribed email address.

  • Why am I getting an error saying content not available in my region?

    Geographical restrictions apply for streaming content outside India. It may be possible that the content you are trying to view is not available in your country. Do note that premium membership is available only in India.

    If you are in India and still see such an error, it may be possible that your IP may be routed through outside India. Please contact your service provider to resolve this issue.

  • Can I watch Hotstar on my Smart TV?

    Yes, you can watch Hotstar on Smart TV using Google Chromecast or Apple TV. We plan to support smart TV apps in near future. Watch out our website for updates!

Issues while Billing – Hotstar App Customer Care:

  • How am I getting billed for my subscription?

    Hotstar premium membership is a monthly subscription service. Membership charges are billed at the beginning of each billing period. A free trial is for 31 days and each subsequent billing period is 30 days for payments through credit card, debit card and Paytm.

    In case your membership includes a free trial, you will be billed from the day after your free trial ends.

    If you would like to know your billing cycle or view payment history, please visit the My Account section.

    Subscribers with in-app purchases on iTunes should check their payment history and renewal dates on iTunes.

  • Am I eligible for a free trial?

    New subscribers are presently eligible for a free trial of one month.

    You need to provide us with your payment details in order to authorize your free trial. A token transaction may be charged to your selected payment method to authorize the same, but it will be refunded to you in 7-10 days once your payment method is verified and authorized.

    You can cancel your subscription anytime during the free trial and continue enjoying premium content until your free trial expires. If you do not cancel your subscription during your free trial, your billing period will start from the day after your free trial ends. For members who have paid in advance with a debit card, the full amount will be refunded if you cancel during your free trial. For members who have paid through their Paytm wallet, Rs.199 will be refunded if you cancel during your free trial.

    It may take about 7 days for this transaction to reflect on your bank statement.

    Do note that if you wish to use the same payment method on multiple accounts, only the first account is eligible for a free trial. Any subsequent membership with the same payment method will not be eligible for a free trial.

    Similarly, you are eligible to only one free trial per account.

  • What are the different payment methods available for the membership?

    We currently support recurring subscription through credit cards, Paytm, iTunes subscriptions and one-time purchases through debit cards.

    Membership through credit cards – Hotstar App Customer Care:

    You need to provide your credit card details in order to let us charge you for your membership every month. We do not store your credit card details. Since this membership is for India only, we only accept credit cards issued by India-based financial institutions.

    Our premium membership is a recurring subscription. Once you start your membership, you authorize us to deduct payments automatically from your credit card.

    If you wish to stop the payments and cancel the membership, please visit the My Account section and click on cancel membership.

    Token amount transactions

    In order to validate your credit card and authorize recurring payments on it, a token transaction will be deducted from the first payment in your subscription (this could be during a free trial or if you are starting membership after the previous cancellation). This amount will be refunded to your account automatically once your credit card details are validated.

    Membership through debit cards

    You need to choose the number of months for which you wish to purchase the premium membership. This purchase is a one-time purchase and will expire after the billing period ends.

    If you are eligible for a free trial, the free month will be the first month of your membership and your billing period for the paid membership will be after the free trial ends.

    If you wish to stop the payments and cancel the membership, please visit the My Account section and click on cancel membership. You can continue watching premium content till that particular month within your billing period ends. You will be refunded for the remaining that you had paid for.

    Membership through iTunes

    You can purchase the monthly Premium Membership through our iOS App for billing with iTunes.

    If you are eligible for a free trial, your first month will be free and your payments through iTunes will begin from the next month.

    Membership through Paytm

    You can purchase your monthly membership through your Paytm wallet. Your monthly membership payment will be deducted from your Paytm wallet.

    If you are eligible for a free trial, the free month will be the first month of your membership and your billing period for paid membership will be the month after your free trial ends. If you cancel within a free trial, we will refund Rs.199 in your Paytm wallet.

    Do remember to keep sufficient balance in your Paytm wallet so that you have a smooth monthly recurring subscription experience.

    If you wish to stop the payments and cancel the membership, please visit the My Account section and click on cancel membership.

  • Are charges inclusive of taxes?

    Yes, your membership charges are inclusive of taxes.

  • How do I review my payment history on Hotstar?

    You can see your billing history by clicking on ‘View Transactions’ in My Account section. You will also be able to access invoices for all successful payments from this section.

    iTunes subscribers can see their payment history on iTunes.

  • Why is my latest payment not visible in My Account?

    Payments take about a week to reflect in the account section. While that does not affect your billing period and video viewing privileges as long as your payment has gone through successfully, the transactions may take a few days to reflect in the My Account section.

  • I’m seeing charges from Hotstar that I did not authorize. What are these

    If you do not recognize charges coming from Hotstar or if you suspect someone else is using your payment information, please contact us immediately at [email protected]. We take fraud, identity theft, and other unauthorized access very seriously.

Managing Your Account & Contacting Hotstar App Customer Care:

  • How do I access my Account?

    You need to Sign In on Hotstar and then click on ‘My Account’ from the menu to access your account details.

    You can view your registered email address and billing dates in the My Account section. You can also view past transactions.

  • How can I change/recover my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, please click on Forgot Password after you click on Sign In and we will send you a new password. Please use this password to sign into your Hotstar account.

  • How do I sign out of my account?

    You can sign out of your account from the My Account page or from the menu. You will only be signed out of the current device. If you wish to sign out of other devices, you will need to sign out of them individually.

  • How can I keep my Hotstar account secure?

    Use a strong password and do not share it with anyone. Be aware of possible phishing attempts.

    Remember to sign out if you are accessing premium content on a public computer.

  • I already have an account on Hotstar. Why am I unable to sign in with the same?

    We are sorry, but older accounts registered with us before April 2016 will not work for the premium membership. You will need to create a new account on the Hotstar website in order to begin your premium membership.

    If you created your account for the premium membership and are having trouble signing in, check the following:

    1. You may be entering an incorrect password.
    2. You may have signed in with email and are trying sign in with Facebook.
    3. You may have made a typo in your email address when you signed up.

    If you are still having trouble signing in, please write to us at [email protected]

  • How do I cancel my Hotstar premium membership?

    If you need to cancel your membership, click the Cancel Membership link on My Account page on desktop or mobile website and we will stop billing you from the next billing period. Currently, this functionality is not available on Android or iOS app.

    You can continue to enjoy premium content until your current billing period ends.

  • How do I cancel iTunes billing for Hotstar?

    To cancel your iTunes billing for Hotstar, visit Apple’s View, change, or cancel your subscriptions article. As per Apple’s policy, your membership might renew if you don’t cancel your subscription more than 24 hours before your renewal date.

    You can continue to enjoy premium content until your current billing period ends.

  • I had canceled my membership. How do I restart it?

    If you have recently canceled your premium membership, you will need to wait till your current billing period ends, in order to restart your membership. You can find the billing period dates in your My Account page.

    You can also restart your membership from the My Account page. Your billing date will get updated depending on when you restart your membership.

    You will need to provide payment information again. You may choose to provide the same payment method or add a new one. As with starting your membership the first time, you may be charged a token amount to validate your payment method. This amount will be refunded to you.

    If your membership was bought on iTunes, go to iTunes and enable auto-renewal.

  • I purchased one subscription using my email ID and an additional subscription using Facebook ID. What should I do?

    Currently, we are unable to link email ID with your Facebook ID. We recommend that you cancel one of your subscriptions to avoid any additional charges.

  • What should I do if I activated my subscription using a misspelled or incorrect email?

    We recommend you to cancel the subscription and use it until the end date and then subscribe again with the correct email address


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Hotstar –  Go, Solo:

Hotstar is a popular digital & mobile app entertainment platform owned by Star India (21 Century Fox). It’s available in 8 languages Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali. Hotstar is a type of site which is popular on Video on Demand (VOD) Category and give services On-demand Video Streaming. Hot Star – Go Solo launched in the year February 2015. It’s headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

After the beta version went live in January 2015. Its official launch took place in February 2015 which is right before the Cricket World Cup 2015. Initially, hotstar was targeted to service only streaming of the Cricket World Cup through its mobile application (Hotstar App). However, hotstar received 10 Million users within the first 40 days of the launch. It notches up 200 Million views in IPL 8. Hotstar started expanding its services in entertainment through Movies, TV Serials, TV series spreading across 8 languages throughout India. With a huge amount of content which is offering 35,000 hours stood at number 1 streaming service.

In addition to the website, Hotstar is now available as an application (Hotstar App) across all the mobile platforms Android, IOS and Apple TV. Hotstar Andriod Application is currently available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Canada and USA countries.

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