The internet protocol is a unique address that is usually used to locate your internet activities. This particular address is used for your feedback, and sometimes you need to tell somebody about your IP address. The IP address is basically used for communication between different devices through the internet as they are far from each other. This unique number is used for feedback and connection as you do with your email address.

You need to know that without having Internet Protocol referred to as IP address you are unable to communicate over the internet. The example of IP address can be illustrated in simple words that if you want to communicate a person through the written letter, you need to post it through any courier services. The things courier services will ask from you is the address of the sender and the buyer. Same like that IP address is also used to send and receive signals through internet service providers and will enable you to make connection and exchange information.

Any time you have decided to open any website or web page, you will be directly connected with your IP address, and you cannot make any kind of email, or you cannot open any site without having the IP address of your computer or other devices. Every time you go to a website your IP address is also being sent through the internet that is working for you behind the scene.

Many questions that you have in your mind related to your IP address directly linked with one question, i.e. what is my IP. If you need to know that what is my IP address then you can use different online available tools that are working for free. The best and the most convenient tool that I’ve come across is What is my IP offered by Small SEO Tool What is my IP. It is one of the best tools available online to get information about your device and its IP address.


Why an IP address is so important?

The Internet Protocol address plays an important role in many ways:

The first and most important factor is that you cannot connect directly with any other device what you need to do is to communicate through the internet and IP address is required to know your location and this address will grant you to open any website without any hurdle. When you have connected through the internet your IP address has been sent to other devices through the internet for proper communication. The tool What is my IP is very effective in finding out your Internet Protocol Address and related information. The IP address will allow you to browse or connect through the internet by connecting your IP address with any internet service provider link from your home or office. Why an IP address is so important?

IP address also helps websites know more about you where you are located and why are you using their site or services. This is helpful in showing the users the advertisements they are interested or as per their location.


What is my IP address and what it can reveal?

The IP address reveals much relevant information from the depth that includes your city name, country, Zip code and other things that will enable you to make communication with other devices.

When you have decided to visit any website or webpage the site needs to get information about your device and other relevant information about your devices.

Various tools are available online for your assistance but smallseotools tool What is my IP is not only a very simple tool but also provide the user-friendly environment. The tool will help you to find out the original and accurate IP address of your personal computer. This tool is very effective and works as a technical support expert that will assist you. The best thing about this tool is that it is totally free and you don’t need to get any registration for using this tool.

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