Image Consulting – A Career of Choice for Women

Image consultants are professionals who help their clients to make the best out of the personal appearance and sense of style. They are the ones who know which colour, style, and garment would suit the individual perfectly – and hence enhance their image vastly. In terms of skin, eyes, hair, and body shape, they provide personal customisation of each individual and bring out the best in them. Image consultants also offer services like wardrobe planning, advice on makeup, and shopping.


Skills required:

To stay ahead of the game, a fashion consultant must have a variety of qualities and core skills, including excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They must be outgoing, knowledgeable, and friendly to be able to gain the trust of customers quickly. Apart from this, they also need to be good multi-taskers, have fantastic management skills, and be highly organised – this is the core attribute. Furthermore, a good fashion consultant is also a tremendous listener, who is able to bring to life the client’s expectations and understand their fashion taste to the smallest detail.


Job opportunities:

There are a vast number of career options available to an image consultant. They can also work for a department chain as an adviser, or at the corporate headquarters. Their function also involves being a personal shopper for an individual or business and purchasing clothes and other things that are best suited for them. Whether it is working for a company or freelance, a fashion consultant can wear a vast variety of career hats.


Image consultant course:

If a person wishes to advance in this field, gain clients, and secure an excellent reputation, earning a certification might be critical. Besides, gaining a broader knowledge of the fashion industry also shows the employers or clients that you are highly dedicated to your work and will be an incredible help to them. A degree will also help a person earn opportunities to intern in retail stores or design studio. It will assist you in broadening your horizons and gaining immense exposure to this industry.

Pearl Academy offers courses in Image consulting, which will help students enhance their portfolio, design skills, colour harmonisation, and significant expertise. They will be able to evaluate wardrobes, understand body types, analyse facial features and also gain knowledge of merchandising, retail and trend productions.

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