Cocubes is the acronym for Connecting Colleges Companies, it was founded by IIT Bombay graduates Harpreet and Vibhore in 2007, Cocubes is a platform for online assessments for corporate, institutions and individuals. this test helps students to get an opportunity to build a career path and helps to recruit companies to easily find the candidates for their companies without going through the hectic process of recruitment. More than 2500 colleges in India assessing the students of their colleges using Cocubes. Scroll down to check Cocubes exam login page, registration, test pattern, and syllabus.

Cocubes Registration, Test Pattern, Syllabus, Cutoffs:

For successfully completing the CoCubes exam and receiving the interview call letter from the companies, you need to know how to register for CoCubes, the syllabus, test pattern and minimum cut off marks for the exam.

Cocubes Exam Registration, Test Pattern, Syllabus , Test Papers & Cutoffs
Cocubes Exam Registration, Test Pattern, Syllabus, Test Papers & Cutoffs

Registration for Cocubes exam:

You can register for Cocubes exam either through college or individually. Registering for Cocubes exam through college:

–>if your college is already registered with Cocubes, ask your college to send your data to Cocubes Website.

–>if your college is not yet registered, you can ask your Training & Placement Officer(TPO) to send his details to CoCubes to register. link: Contact Cocubes  and once they receive your data they will generate login password and email-SMS it to you

Registering for CoCubes exam individually:

–>if you want to register individually for the Cocubes exam you need to write an email to support team of Cocubes. email to: [email protected] After getting the login password to your Cocubes account you can buy Cocubes annual subscription which provides 1 PRE-ASSESS test and unlimited job applications for 1 year. The Subscription Fee is Rs 1000/-, Registration of Cocubes exam is available for 2017,2016 pass-outs and 2015 pass-outs also.

The Pre-Access test that mentioned above is an employability test to assess you and provide you the job application basing on that score. Scoring good marks in the CoCubes will be considered by the recruiting companies and you will get an interview call letter from the company. check out the latest exam pattern for CoCubes.

CoCubes Pre-Access Exam Pattern:

There are total 6 modules in CoCubes Pre-Access test:

  1. Aptitude Module (45 min, 45 questions)
  2. Computer Fundamentals (15 min, 15 questions)
  3. Psychometric Module (12 min, 50 questions)
  4. Domain Module (20 min, 20 questions)
  5. Coding Module (30 min, 3 questions)
  6. Written English Test (25 min, 1 question)

Cocubes Pre-Access test syllabus:

Aptitude Module: In this test there are three sub modules:

  1. English Usage (15 questions) : Reading Comprehension, English Grammar containing Prepositions, Articles, Sentence Correction, Tenses, Speech, Verbal Ability containing Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms and Phrases.
  2. Analytical Reasoning (15 questions): Visual Reasoning, Statement, and Conclusions, Logical Reasoning, Relationships, Flowcharts and Attention to Detail.
  3. Numerical Reasoning (15 questions): Time and Work, Speed and Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit and Loss, Ratios, Averages, Geometry and Data Interpretation.

Computer Fundamentals Module: This module contains questions on the Basic fundamental concepts of the computer. Basics of C/C++/JAVA, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Digital Logic, Networking concepts, MS Office and awareness about Input/Output devices.

Psychometric Module: This module contains the personality test questions.

Domain Module: This module contains the questions relevant to your branch of engineering (Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and other branches) you have to answer 20 questions in 20 minutes.

Coding Module: This module contains three problems, you have write code to these problems, the programming language can be of your choice: C, C++, C#, Java.

Written English Test (WET module): In this module, you have to write your own views on topics of general awareness. Grammar, Sentence Construction, Vocabulary, Topic relevance and word limit are assessed in this module.

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Minimum Cutoff Required for Cocubes Test:

CoCubes PRE-ASSESS exam contains module/sectional cutoff, you have to attempt questions in every module with accuracy to pass the test, the overall result of the CoCubes test can be affected by each and every module.then you will get eligibility to the further process of recruitment. Accuracy rate and less number of negative answers can lead us to get a better score, sometimes the cutoff marks can be changed by the recruiting companies.

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