WhatsApp rolled out two new features in 2019. WhatsApp introduced the group calling shortcut in its Android version in January this year, while its second feature which allows the user to unlock WhatsApp via their biometrics was added to its iOS version. There are still a lot of new awaiting functions to be released in the coming months.

When it comes to unlock many features that you wish to have then it comes with the mod apk of the WhatsApp known as GBWhatsApp. It has many features that gives you freedom to control your privacy and customize you whatsapp according to your need.

The GBWhatsApp Features

There are many features related to media and sharing, privacy and other cool features that can completely change your way of using the WhatsApp. Let’s take a look at its features.

  • Hide Status
  • Hide Blue Ticks from others
  • Hide Second Tick from others
  • Hide Recording Status
  • Hide Writing Tick
  • Hide Recording Status
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Revoke
  • Customize your Privacy For Specific Contact
  • Inbuilt DND
  • Delete Multiple Messages at a time
  • Inbuilt Message Scheduler for you
  • Customize your Status Privacy
  • New Emojis added
  • Broadcasting feature
  • No Images Limit when sending
  • Different Languages added
  • App Lock available
  • Bubble Patterns available

Download the WhatsApp Modified App

GBWhatsApp Top Features of 2019

Downloading is quiet easy and installation too. Just download the apk and install it in your mobile device manually and open it just like the original whatsapp.

  1. Backup your chat (data) of your original whatsapp
  2. Download GBWhatsApp Apk
  3. Install it in your Android device
  4. Open it >> Enter Number >> Verify Number
  5. Restore the Backup and Enjoy.

Regular Features

Dark Mode – Following the footsteps of Twitter, YouTube, Dark mode will be present in the upcoming features update of WhatsApp.

QR Code Scanner – With this new WhatsApp feature, you would be able to share contacts by scanning QR code.

Private Replies in Group – This new WhatsApp addition enables you to send individual replies in a WhatsApp group.

Add Contacts directly – Android users of WhatsApp can now see videos instantly in the app. WhatsApp uses the picture in picture mode feature of Android Nougat to make this feature advance. Users can now minimize the screen and enjoy videos on youtube and Instagram even while chatting.

Multiple Voice Messages – Earlier you had to click on several voice messages you received continuously to listen to them. Now click on a voice note, and they will play one by one. In addition to this, when a voice note is finished, WhatsApp will play short audio. This short audio will tell you that a voice note is completed and now the next will be played.

GBWhatsApp Top Features of 2019

Group call shortcut – A button will be provided for group calling in it. This button can be used for group chats. When you press the group call button, it will display a list of your contacts. You need to select the friends you want to call. After that, you need to tap on the voice or video call button.

Audio/Video in Notifications – In the existing version of WhatsApp, one can see his messages. Further, one can also reply to them directly from there. But he’ll still need to open WhatsApp to view the video, images, and audio WhatsApp content. The new WhatsApp update will make sure that you can see such material in the notifications too.

Multi-Share Life – WhatsApp is dedicated to improving the user experience and is working on several other features as well. One such feature is the multi-file share. With this feature, one can share a file from another app to two or more contacts. One can also play a WhatsApp audio message before sending it.

Ranking of Whatsapp Contacts – This new feature of WhatsApp will rank the contacts by the frequency of interactions. These interactions include video, audio, calls or chats with that specific contact. This feature will soon be available for iOS beta users.

These are the features which are already being introduced in GBWhatsApp. All of these tweaks in the application has made it more user-friendly and more interactive. This assists its users to access anything with convenience. When all of these features are fully active, the experience of using the application will be phenomenal.

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