Are you wanted to be familiar with India’s fastest and high demand growing career fields in upcoming years?

In India professionals are very smart; they are a not only just searching job for their profession, apart from profession youngsters nowadays choosing their career as passion in any special field. Lots of well-paid jobs opportunities are there these days. Here is a glance into the upcoming jobs with the highest growth in the Indian market.

1) Data Scientist

A data scientist is now booming in the IT field. A professional responsible for the data scientist is analyzing, collecting large quantities of data, recognize & help a business improvement and gain an economic edge over opponents. The demand for data scientists is increasing day-by-day.

Skills Required – Hadoop, Python, SQL, AI, Apache Spark, R Programming, etc.

2) Banking Sector

Banking is the evergreen most popular career field. Banking sector offered more than thousands of vacancies every year.

Skills Required – Good communication and problem-solving skills, Customer service, Time management, Organization management, Team management, etc.

3) Financial Analysts

In India financial analysts is one of the fastest developing career fields. To analyze finance related information is called financial analysts. Major responsible for financial analysts is to provide business guidance, finance related decision making. They evaluate the performance of bonds, stocks and other kinds of investments.

Skills Required – Any Degree, Analytical skills, Computer knowledge, Good communication skills, Math skills, Decision making


4) Biomedical Engineer

The demands for biomedical engineer have been increasing in forthcoming years. Biomedical engineers use their talents and engineering principles to solve critical problems in healthcare and biotechnology fields. Major roles of biomedical engineers have evaluated the efficiency and safety of biomedical equipment, train clinicians on the proper usage of equipment, etc.

Skills Required – Good Research and Communication skills, Science and Maths skills, Analytical skill, etc.

5) Environmental Engineer

It’s one of the fast-growing career fields. These days according to survey the demand for environmental engineers increased up to 30% when compared to in the years of 2008th.

Environmental engineers use engineering principles to solve environmental related problems in the field of biology, chemistry and soil science. Major duties are analyzing scientific data, review, prepare and update environmental research report, quality control check, provide technical support, monitor environmental progress, etc.

Skills Required – Reading and writing skills, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, good imagination skills.


6) Ethical Hacker

In this digital era, ethical hacking is the best career option for the upcoming generations. To increase the security and safety of the computer system is their major role. They are also called white hat hacker.

Skills Required – Good logical and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, programming languages like Python, C & C++, Ruby, Perl, have knowledge in OS, web applications, etc.


7) Veterinarian

In India veterinarian is the high demand career field. Veterinarian’s professionals commonly provided the medical treatment for animals, including livestock, pets and laboratory and also zoo animals.

Skills Required – Interpersonal and management skills, problem-solving, good decision making, etc.


These fields are rapidly developing and getting back with potential careers for the upcoming generation of geniuses.

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