For most beginners, owning a car is an overwhelming experience. However, the joy might be short-lived due to the numerous repair and maintenance that you have to do on your automobile. The car requires to be taken care of just like your own health. But, did you know that instead of taking the automobile to the mechanic now and then, you can handle some of the necessary jobs? Here are eight easy car repair and maintenance tips for beginners.

Easy Car Repair and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

  1. Cleaning the Entire Car

Cleaning the car helps prevent the formation of rust and maintain the original shade of the paint. Hand washing is typically the easiest thing to do, and it ensures that every part of the car is attended to well. When cleaning, pay attention to the hidden parts of the wheels, tires, and window glasses. Basically, the exterior and the wheels require washing with soap and water while the interior can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

  1. ClearingOut the Brakes

The hydraulic braking system needs to be cleaned by evacuating air bubbles in brake lines. While a mechanic can do this work, you can also do it by yourself by using a brake bleeder. Dust can also accumulate from the collection of materials that come from the brake rotor and the brake pad when brakes are applied. Dusting the wheels with a damp sponge cleans off the dust.

  1. Checkingthe Lighting

Once in a while, you should check the interior and exterior lighting of the car. Go through the manual to comprehend all the lights used in the car. Replace the bulbs if they are nonfunctional. If any complications are involved, consider getting professional help.

  1. Monitoringthe Tire Pressure

The right tire pressure prevents tire failure and minimizes wearing off. A car might have the pressure warning system, but at most times, it will show when pressure is critically at a low level. To ensure that you are safe, check the pressure regularly. The car’s manual will direct you on the optimum pressure levels for your car so that you do not exceed the limit. To maintain a balance, do not underinflate or overinflate.

  1. ExaminingOil Levels

The fluids in the car minimize the friction between the moving parts of the vehicle. As such, you should regularly monitor the engine oil. To do this, use the dipstick. Pull it out, and clean it with a cloth so that you will have a clear view when you immerse it back. Some dipsticks contain indicators that will guide you to a quick assessment. If the levels are low, then consider adding some. Additionally, you should detect the color of the engine oil to ensure that it is not contaminated. Typically, the oil is amber in color, and a dark color reveals contamination or excessive heat. If you consider changing the oil, refer to the manual that will guide you on the viscosity grade of the required oil.

Easy Car Repair and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

  1. CheckingFuel Usage

If you suspect that your automobile is using more fuel than necessary, the engine might not be performing well. When the engine is running efficiently, fuel usage will be steady and constant when covering the same distance. While the motor may be faulty on its own, other factors might contribute to its operation. For instance, an underinflated and misaligned tire requires the car to increase its power to propel on the road. The shift causes a change in fuel usage. Other causes of change in fuel usage include braking and acceleration. You should, therefore, be in a position to deduce what is causing variations in the fuel volumes.

  1. ReplacingDamaged Indicator Bulbs

Indicators are essential elements of informing other motorists of the direction of your car. When there is a change of direction, signaling other drivers will help in avoiding accidents. In case they are broken and do not function well, they should be replaced. When replacing them, take into consideration the specific bulb that matches your car. The car’s manual will guide you on how to change the lights.

  1. Swappingthe Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers help in clearing blurred visibility. When you notice a squeaking noise or streakiness when you turn them on, it’s time for a replacement. When replacing the wiper blade, first clean the inside and the outside part of the windshield.


First-time car owners that have car manuals need not fret sincemost easy car repair and maintenance tips for beginners are in the car’s manual. Others are simple procedures that you can apply to service your car and cut the mechanic costs. Following the outlined guidelines will assure you of safe travels and a long-lasting automobile. In case you need to sell the car, it will give an attractive amount. However, you will not need to change the car more often when you can maintain it.

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