10 School Supplies Every College Student Needs: The transformation from high school to college feels enormous. We have to deal with a change of place, people, environment, etc. Yet, the need for school supplies is constant as long as you are a student.

As a college student, you have to figure out what you need on your own. Other than a list of textbooks for each semester, your college will not provide you with any other supply list.

Once you get more experience with college, you will figure out what you’ll need. However, as a freshman, a lack of supplies can be troublesome.

You will already have a lot of new things to handle. Let this list help you find the school supplies you need in college.

A Bag

As a student, you will always need a bag to carry all your things. From textbooks to your laptop, it will be difficult to carry your school supplies without a bag.There are various types of bags available in the market. You have to find one that fits your needs.

For example, if you need to carry your laptop all the time, using a backpack is most convenient. If you only have to carry books and notebooks, it is easier to use a messenger bag.

Carrying heavy things everyday can give you back and shoulder pain. In that case, you can opt for rolling backpacks. These look like regular backpacks but come with small wheels and an extending handle.

School Supplies Every College Student Needs

A Planner

The university experience is very distracting. If you aren’t careful, your grades might take a serious dip. Planning each day is important as a college student.

As a student, you will have many things to keep track of. You need a planner to keep track of your classes, group studies, various seminars, etc. Your planner will ensure that you are keeping an eye on all your activities.

Maintaining a planner is as important as having one. If you own one that you rarely use, there is no point in getting one. Use a planner and stick to it to keep yourself disciplined.

A Graphing Calculator

If the courses of your program require solving a lot of complex mathematics problems, you will need a scientific calculator.

If you don’t have access to your phone or a computer, you can easily reach for your graphing calculator. It can give you quick answers to your problem.

From mathematics and engineering to statistics and finance, graphing calculators are necessary tools for many subjects. This article can help you figure out which graphing calculator is best for your use.

School Supplies Every College Student Needs


In college, most courses will be heavily based on lectures. Not only do you need to attend these lectures, but you will also have to keep notes of them.

Each course you do will require you to have a separate notebook. This will help you keep track of your study materials throughout the semester.

People often underestimate the need to take notes. The lectures are focused on the exact topic you will need to study. Using only your course book to study later will make it difficult for you to find the exact topics.

Another use of taking notes is that it helps ingrain the information in your head. Taking notes during the lecture, the key points are better registered into your mind.

Pens & Pencils

You will need to take notes and write things down during studies. Various class activities will require the use of pens and pencils. You will also need them during practice, while you study for exams.

You can prepare a pencil bag to carry all your pens and pencils. Always remember to carry pens of various colors and at least two pencils. If you use mechanical pencils, always carry a supply of lead.


Highlighters are a great tool during your studies. It helps you highlight and organize your study materials. When you need to make the key points stand out, your highlighter is your best friend.

When you are studying thick textbooks or study materials, you can use your highlighter to keep track of your reading. It’s a tool that has many uses.

You will find that people use note-taking to the next level using colorful pens and highlighters.

Other Stationeries

There are a few other stationeries that you might need. Some stationeries are necessary to keep everything organized.

You will need paper clips and binder clips to keep all your course materials and handouts organized. You might also need stapler and stapler pins to bind the loose sheets together.

If you are using pencils, you will need erasers, sharpeners, and lead. You might want to use a pen eraser to mend errors. You might have to carry a marker for the whiteboard for interactive classes.

School Supplies Every College Student Needs

Textbooks for Each Semester

During the start of each semester, your instructor will give you a list of textbooks and course materials. You will need to acquire these books for your studies.

Do not skip out on buying your textbooks, even if they are expensive. Do not forget to get them either. You will suffer during midterms and finals if you don’t have your textbooks.

Most universities have some means of a book exchange. Students might hold book exchange booths on campus during the start of the semester. You can even find websites like this for exchanging or renting textbooks. These websites offer used textbooks for a lower price.


Owning a laptop is essential for college. Some programs require specific types of laptops. Some programs might even require laptops that can carry out more complex functions. In that case, your university will inform you about your laptop requirement before school starts.

You will need your laptop for your assignments, presentations, and papers. Whether it is for research, making slides, or writing your papers, you will always need a laptop.

Using a desktop can be tedious since you will need portability. You need to find a lightweight laptop that you can carry everywhere. Check out these laptops that are great for students.


You will need to print out materials from your laptop at some point during university. Whether it is course material or your assignments and papers, printing is a must.

Printers are generally expensive, but you can try to share one with your friend or roommate. You might consider investing in portable printers so that you can get printing done wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

A college education is expensive, hence we better make the most out of this experience. The school supplies on this list can help you be your best during university. Before you start college, let this guide help you with your supply needs.

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