In these days small business to big business can be successful by Marketing Strategies and promotions, in addition to the product the product quality. We are in the fast and technical world. Website hosting for a business is additional criteria since everyone is search anything on the internet in this digital world. To make one’s website successful and popular, SEO should be done in order to increase the rank and traffic for one’s website. Best SEO process can be successful by following certain criteria and strategies. Let’s get into the concept for a good SEO strategy.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of increasing the quantity and quality traffic to one’s website via organic search results. Two kinds of SEO can be done on-page SEO and off-page SEO. It is better to know detail about the Best White Hat SEO, on-page SEO and off page SEO, and then only, one can understand the strategies of SEO, which is followed.

Best Off-page SEO

Off – page SEO is a techniques or strategy which is doing away from the particular website to raise the ranking of the website in the search engine. Off-page SEO can be done in the following ways.

  • Blog creation

Blog creation is a method of creating a blog related to the particular website which can improve the traffic for the one’s website.

Writing articles relevant to the website and make them popular in article submission directories.

  • Posting forums

Several forum posting sites for online discussion, in this we have to create a thread by replying old ones in other forums.

  • Social media bookmarking

It means posting things in the social media and interaction with the others increases the traffic. This type of work done in offline is called social media bookmarking.

  • Directories submission

Directories submission is a process of submitting one’s website link or URL in the directory submitting websites to improve the website traffic.

  • Content sharing

It means sharing the content the across other web pages, blogs and social media page and also sharing the website link via commenting in the social media and other offline work was done to increase the page rank.

  • Photo and video sharing

Sharing the photos and videos of the website content with the various blogs and web pages.


Best On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a strategy done to increase the page rankings, on the website itself. On page SEO also consists of certain steps which are to be followed to increase the visibility and website ranking.  Let’s see briefly about the on page SEO

  • Description

Description or Meta description gives the description of the webpage in Meta tags, i.e. the snippet of HTML element which gives the description about the web page. These steps are Beginner Seo. One can use the meta description of a particular webpage by right-clicking on the page and select the “view page source”.

  • Meta tags

The snippet that describes the page content is called meta tags. There are four kinds of meta tags

  1. Meta keywords attribute

  2. Title tag

  3. Meta description attribute

  4. Meta robots attribute

  5. Keywords


metatags - seo

Keywords are the main and important strategy which itself increases the page rank and visibility. The contribution of keywords for SEO success is very high. The keywords can be used in the title, content, meta tags, URL, image file path and also other places where keywords are fit to sit.

  • H1 tag

H1 tag is nothing but the header tag, which is the first heading used in the webpage, but it differs from the page title. It is shown as <h1> in the source page. When compare to h1 tag, the page title is strong enough to fetch the results. One should carefully use the header tag and also the page title to get better results. To get the most efficient and faster results, the SEO analyst should work on the h1 tag. In many websites and blogs, h1 tag and page title is the same, but it is not good it is a bad practice. So the analyst should know the difference and work towards them.

  • Keywords density

Keyword density is in SEO is defined the number of times a particular keyword is present in the content. The more times the keyword present, high the keywords density, which directly tends to increase the rank of the website rank and visibility by creating more traffic.

  • Page load

Generally, it is mistaken that the page load is the same as the site loading time. But both are different. Page load time is defined as how long time the browser takes to load the web page from the web server. Poor server, too big images, unoptimized plug-in, browsers and apps, too much ad are the factors usually slow down the page load time. One should have the good above feature to avoid the slow page load time. Hence the increase the page ranking by using these SEO strategies.

  • Alt tag

The alt tag is a tag that is used for the image description whenever the image is inserted, the alt tag is used to give the description for the images, this is one of the SEO strategies is used to increase the page ranking. It is a poor practice that if one leaves the alt tag empty. Hence there is always some image description should be used in the alt tag for better results.

  • Keyword placement

The first paragraph of the content is most weight age when compared with the second paragraph, hence the selection of the keyword and keyword placement should be carefully done. The keywords should be related to the website content and place in the appropriate sentence for better results.

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The successful SEO results are achieved by following the above-mentioned Marketing Strategies. Hence the good SEO leads to good visibility and high page rankings for a website, which tends to good business and development of one’s firm. Hope this content gives you brief information about the SEO strategies. Kindly give your valuable feedback and reviews. If you like the content to share with your friends. Good luck!

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