Loving someone or being loved by someone is a beautiful feeling. In the worst case if you want to forget someone whom you loved soulfully is a tedious task. Anyhow, in the end, you will never fully forget. This article summarizes, some of the ideas for How to forget someone you love.

It is obvious that once the breakup has been done your heart and soul automatically reduce the longing for the dreams you are searching for the past days. For sure one day or another, you should be convinced by the reason or the current situation to heal all your wounds and missing feelings.

Love which happened from sincerity and truthful moments then it is unforgettable. The only thing which can be done maximum is to overcome the missing pain by learning to clean the thoughts of the person you loved.

How to forget someone you love

1. Accept that they are past

Breaking up with the loved one hurts, but peace and ease come only when you accept the truth. Admit that you have lost them. Don’t beg or plead for the reconcile. Crying and grieving is the initial step of the breakup but acceptance is the formula that drags you to live the present. Be sure that the grief makes you reach the edge of depression.

How to forget someone you love

2. Drain yourself from the social media

Social media is the source of sharing the love and the digital space which frequently remind your lover. many use social media sites for the updation and showcase the love as their pride. In the case of a breakup, they project their loneliness on social media. It is a better decision to cut off from the media and move on from the person whom you want to forget. Because you may come across your ex pictures and stories which remind your past. It surely creates chaos and conflicts in your mind.

How to forget someone you love

3. Dispose of their things around you

It is a must for How to forget someone you love is disposing the things as a memento or gifts or even dress. Just throw the things as well as their memories out of your mind to live the present. It is easy for the things, but in the case of place or shop, whenever you see or cross or go such places you will be reminded, so it is important to avoid those places.


4. Don’t try to contact them

This is a major rule to follow until you get a peaceful mind and digging up the past does not affect you. Avoid contact with a mutual friend, because of them you may come to know about your ex. never encourage gossip and such kind of activity. If your ex is happy or found another relation don’t get on him/her. just move away peacefully. Whatever happened has to happen.

How to forget someone you love

5. Engage your time with friends

Friends are the medicine for the love break up. Reconnect with your friends, spend more time with them who are your closest pals. Friends are the support system that constantly deletes the sad parts of your life. It is recommended to hang out with your friends.Distance Doesn’t Matter.


6. Focus on your work

Focus on the things you love to do, concentrate on your passion, because you can get more time in the concept of I or single. Write down the things you want to do and explore them all. Solo travel or a long ride is the best part of the self-care. Focus on your profession and personal may repair to fix the lose.

How to forget someone you love

7. Be open to the new relationship

Don’t let you feel down or bad for having the worst break up. Be sure for falling in love with someone and open your heart to the new and fresh love. ex-love has more memories and lessons which are good learnings for how to be in a relationship and how not to be in maintaining a relationship. Prepare yourself to be ready to date new people after a breakup. Keep in mind relationships are never bad.

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How to forget someone you love, coming out from the failed relationship, and fire the memories. But don’t lose your hope for the new beginning. Life is full of opportunity so grab yours. Move from your past and live in the present are beautiful moments. Worth your love and efforts. Forget the past and glorify the present and welcome the future with a fresh mind.

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