SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test): Scholastic Aptitude Test is commonly Known as SAT is a standardized test. Score gained in SAT is required to apply for apply for most of the universities in US. This score is also eligible for academic scholarships in universities and colleges in US.

It is designed to measure reading, quantitative analysis and writing skills. Scoring high will increase the chance of securing admission. SAT exam is conducted in 2 stages they include

  1. SAT-I
  2. SAT -II

SAT- I include 3 sections

  • Critical reading,
  • Mathematics and
  • Writing

SAT Syllabus 2017, Exam Pattern & Test Dates – Apply Colleges:

Critical reading

Critical reading tests the candidate’s ability to understand what they read and measures the vocabulary skills. This section is for 70 minutes. It contains Reading comprehension for 25min, paragraph-length critical reading for 20 min and sentence completion for 25min.

Reading comprehension consists of passages followed by questions to be answered from the information provided in the passage.

Sentence completion is to fill the blanks given with appropriate wordings.

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Mathematics contains 3 sections. Duration of this section is 65min. They include Algebra and function for 25 min, Geometry &statistics for 20 min and Probability and data analysis for 20 min. Totally it contains 54 questions where among them 44 are multiple choice questions and the rest are to be solved and found.


Writing section is composed of Essay writing and multiple choice questions. This section is for 60minutes.This section starts with 25 min of essay writing. Candidates are asked to express their view to support them with evidence. The essay written will be scored on a scale of 1 to 6.

Multiple choice questions include 49 questions. They test for candidate’s ability to express and communicate their ideas, improve vocabulary and improve sentences and paragraphs. This section duration is for 35min.

SAT Syllabus 2017, Exam Pattern & Test Dates - Apply Colleges
SAT Syllabus 2017, Exam Pattern & Test Dates – Apply Colleges


This measures your knowledge of particular areas. Many colleges use the subject test for admission. The subject includes English, History, Mathematics, science and Languages. This is used to advise students regarding course selection.

Points to remember

  • Negative marking is applicable. Points will be deducted for incorrect answer.
  • SAT is conducted 7 times a year. Candidates who are not satisfied can retake the exam once again.
  • SAT exam  3hrs 45 minutes.

SAT Test Dates:

Exam Date Early Registration Registration deadline Last date for any Changes
May 06, 2017 Mar 22, 2017 Apr 07, 2017 Apr 25, 2017
Jun 03, 2017 Apr 25, 2017 May 09, 2017 May 24, 2017


Registration Details:

SAT(total) $ 51
Registration Fee $24.50
SAT-II fee $13
To Change test date or test centre $27.50
Waitlist Fee $45

Score Receiving Fees:

Scores received online No charge
Scores to receive on phone $ 15
Scores to receive by mail No charge


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