After New Zealand, Israel, Turkey and the Czech Republic, Google introduced its Web Rangers initiative in India. As part of the India Digital Literacy and Internet Safety Campaign, Web Rangers aims to empower teens to promote the safe use of the Internet among their peers.

Google India Announces “Web Rangers” Second Edition

Google Web Rangers enables teens to enhance the safe utilization of the Internet among their community.


Google Web Rangers


In an effort to promote and educate the youth about staying smart, safe online, Google India announced the launch of the second edition of the Web Rangers contest. Google Web Rangers contest is open to students across the country within the age group of 10 and 17 years.

“Web Rangers equips students to become ambassadors who will promote the safe and responsible use of the web in their schools.Last year, kids from across the country amazed us with their innovative and inspiring submissions. The Web Rangers contest is a platform to enable these young adults to become good digital citizens and empower their friends and families to have a safer and meaningful digital experience,” said Sunita Mohanty, Director of Product Quality Operations at Google India.

The workshop was broadly divided into four broad categories- scams, social media safety, manage digital footprint, and intensification of safe online content. The sessions were creatively designed to leave a lasting impression on the students.

The deadline for submitting entries for this year’s contest is January 5, 2017. Winners in each of the Web Rangers stand to win Chromebooks and tablets. To  submit your entries, visit this page.

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