Nonverbal communication is crucial in our interactions with others, it is not only important in the job interview, also to work in a team, make a presentation or direct staff. Here’s top 10 body language tips for interview.

10 Body Language Tips for your Job Interview :-

The assertive body language is not the most important in our discourse, but has the power to give it more credibility, cause a better impression and build trust if we learn to master it.

Complement your professional image and score points on your interview with these tips:

1. A good handshake.  The first non-verbal contact that will leave an impression on the recruiter it is the handshake; when weak can transmit insecurity. Be sure to convey confidence slightly squeezing the hand of your interviewer.

handshake - body language

2. Make eye contact.  Maintain eye contact with the interviewer lets you create more empathy and demonstrate interest in what you are communicating.

blinking-eyes body language

3. Do not cross your arms.  The position of the arms folded across the chest can denote being on the defensive, which is little open resistance or avoid it!

body language tips - cross arms

4. Maintain good posture.  It is recommended to adopt a neutral stance, sit upright and show willing and receptive. Avoid slouching or arrogant show.

maintain good posture

5. Smile.  Few people are aware of the impression which can cause a broad smile; accompanied by a good handshake and a warm greeting, they can open many doors.

simple smile in interview

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6. Do not bite your nails.  It’s a habit that shows nervousness, and that energy can spread the interviewer, do not let your hobby call more attention to your speech.

do not bite nails

7. Do not play with objects and prevents nervous tics.  Playing with a pen, shake a leg compulsively or any other gesture of anxiety gives a bad impression, and can even be annoying to your partner.

don't play with objects

8. Avoid show disinterest.  An important aspect for recruiters, that has nothing to do with your professional profile but I do mind when hiring, it’s the attitude. Show your education and avoids giving the impression of not being interested in the job.

do not show disinterest

9. Do not hide your hands.  A gestural level, hide hands can give the impression that you are not being honest. When you show your hands and use to emphasize your speech, your arguments sound more convincing.

keep your hands open

10. Listen carefully.  Pay attention to your partner, seeing the eyes and understanding what it says is essential in communication.

listen carefully - interview tips

The body language says a lot about you. Nail Biting, squirm in his chair, tapping the pen … they are small things that show your mood and that also count toward the interviewer. 

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