The Questions To Ask in an interview are the key you need to acquire information that will help you choose the best candidate. To do this you must formulate a goal and let the applicant answer freely. The questionnaire should be done according to the profile being sought that the applicant have for the position to. Apart from analysing if you have leadership, organisation and virtues like responsibility and loyalty to the company. The interviewer is the one who must decide where the priorities are directed interview, if we know more about the experience of the applicant, on the motivation leads him to apply for the post or any other item.

questions to ask ain an interview

40 Questions To Ask in an interview :- 

Questions about the company that aspires to enter :

  1. What knowledge of the company across the board?
  2. What specifically known about the area (production, administration, etc.) in which you enlist?
  3. Do you have any knowledge of the working conditions of the company?
  4. Have you bought / used the products / services offered by the company?
  5. Why you are interested in working in this company?
  6. What knows the sector in which the company moves?
  7. Why do you care work in this sector of the economy?

Given these questions To Ask in an interview, the respondent must prepare in advance, inquiring about the company, what their most representative products, its level of importance in the market, working conditions in the company, finally, an investigation that allows it to reach well prepared to meet with the interviewer and to express what you know with confidence.

At this point, the manager of the interview will notice the applicant’s interest in the company, see their level of information and assess whether there is a motivation for the job or, on the contrary, is only looking for a job like any other really just to earn money, regardless of the growth that this may have on the company or the latter as such.

Questions about educational background and work experience :

  1. Tell me about, quickly, how your career has evolved since first employment until today?
  2. You are a lawyer specializing in commercial law, what motivated him to lean toward this branch?
  3. You are a journalist by profession but his greatest work experience is in the area of ​​commercial address, do tell me a little about this?
  4. What do you remember most about his tenure in the “University X”, what was your favorite subject?
  5. Can you please tell me about the job that has enriched his career and why?
  6. What was the least liked in their previous jobs?
  7. What were the reasons for leaving your previous job?
  8. How it has the relationship with his superiors and / or subordinates in their previous jobs?
  9. How was passing through the “Company X”, what did you learn?
  10. Who or what have been the most remarkable achievements in previous jobs?
  11. Who or what have been your biggest mistakes in their previous jobs?What did you learn from them?
  12. Did you work in one of the companies that compete with us, how it looked from there to our firm?
  13. During his working life he has faced problems, what has been the greatest and what was your role in the resolution?

According to the answers the interviewer will determine the level of proficiency of the candidate, also on the basis of their past behavior can extrapolate future behavior. The counsel for the respondent is preparing an extract of its main achievements, academic and professional, even if you do not have previous experience in other jobs focus on its most important academic activities, their thesis or degree, its business practices and / or its extracurricular activities.

Specific questions about the position to play in different situations :

  1. What will you do on your first day of work?
  2. You have experience in call center management, our company needs a professional to design and implement a call center itself, how do you think you could start?
  3. You who manages the “Software X” at an advanced level, in our company we use the “software” says, do you able to adapt without special training?How would you do?
  4. We have a team established some time ago, you would enter direct, will you need further hiring some people you trust?
  5. Our results over the last year have been decreasing Did you know that through its management believes will reverse this trend? How long it will perform?
  6. The position to which you aspire is again Are collaborate in its construction?
  7. If you discover that one of his close you are being unfair to the company his superiors would you go to find a solution or deal directly with the person involved?
  8. Why should we hire you?

The candidate’s answers will not only serve to assess their specific knowledge to perform the job, but will give the interviewer’s perspective to assess its possible behavior in a given situation, be it nature or stressful decisions.

Personal questions

  1. What are your personal long-term plans?
  2. Do you think you and your family can endure the uncomfortable times to be met?
  3. Are you willing to make frequent trips spending long seasons in other locations?
  4. What is your salary aspiration?
  5. Do you expect to move up in the company?
  6. You can accommodate your study schedule to the needs of the office?
  7. What are your main strengths (qualities) and weaknesses (defects)?
  8. If you asked one of his teachers (or anyone else who has known him at another time and have seen their behavior in different situations-his father, his partner, a co-worker, etc.) to describe it, ¿ do you think he would say about you?
  9. In your personal life what has been the biggest problem you have faced and how you solved it?
  10. What are the personal values ​​most appreciated in others?
  11. How would you describe your character?
  12. What do you think are the keys to professional / personal success?

The interviewer will be looking for anchor points that allow you to establish the applicant’s disposal different employment characteristics.

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CONCLUSION – Questions to Ask In An Job Interview

Some advisers recommend respond to interview getting into the shoes of the interviewer, that is telling you what he expected to hear, I advise always respond with sincerity and prepare beforehand possible questions to answer with certainty, clarity, conciseness and precision, not to try guess what he wants to hear. Of course, I suggest to whoever is looking for a job that only apply to positions that pique your interest, it is known that when you do something that we love and are passionate about what we do better and are happier.

Finally, in the next playlist (34 short videos) are presented examples of good and bad behaviors and responses to the various questions to ask in an interview and situations that may occur in a job interview. Certainly it is useful to prepare your next interview.

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