Tell me about yourself? This is the obvious question that every candidate who appears for a personal interview ought to answer. Despite it is compulsory question be prepared for it so that you create a good impression of confidence to the interviewer.

Tell Me About Yourself Answer: How to Answer it Effectively

Keep it short and simple:

Never take more than 2-3 mins to introduce yourself. It shouldn’t be too short not too lengthy. Try including the thing that you have already included in your resume.

Tell Me About Yourself Answer : How to Answer it Effectively
Tell Me About Yourself Answer: How to Answer it Effectively

Little about your academics:

Highlight your academic qualifications and achievements. You can also include your roles, activities etc..

Talk about your Strength and Weakness:

Never ever give a chance for the interviewer to point out your weakness. It should also be a positive advantage for him to recruit you. For example tell him that being a workaholic is your weakness and you are a kind of person where you will never leave any task in middle. This again makes him think in a positive way.

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Myself Rani pursuing my B.Tech. in the stream of Computer Science Engineering with an aggregate of 75%. I have completed my SSC with 85% and Intermediate with 90. My family includes my father, mother and my sister. My father is a Lecturer working in Junior college, my mother is a homemaker and my sister is younger to me, pursuing her Degree.

My hobbies include listening to music, Travelling and Cooking. Coming to my strengths I am a very enthusiastic to learn new technologies, I get molded to any kind of environment. I am a person with self-motivation and believe in hard work whereas my weakness is I am workaholic due to which I can’t leave my tasks in between. Thank you for this opportunity.

Important points to be noted:

  • Go through your resume thoroughly. Most of your question will be from that.
  • While you mention your hobbies be honest don’t ever try to make impression because you may get caught there
  • Maintain a very good eye contact with the interviewer while you answer any question.
  • Put on a smile on your face don’t let your nervousness be seen out.


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