What is marijuana ?

Marijuana is a weed,dope or cannabis whicha is a dried flowers and the leaves of the cannabis plant. In the medical norms one common question is, is Marijuana good for adults health?. Marijuana is contains active medical compounds such as cannabidol or CBD  and also some phsycoactive compounds which are mind altering, hence some countries restrict the marijuana as medicines.

marijuana good for adult’s health

Good facts about Marijuana

Recent research prove that the marijuana has some good medical facts for the human health. THC is the marijuana compound touched the brain cells  it makes the brain to release the dopamine, which makes the brain system to feel good. When the correct formula of the drug is given the brain reward systems creates the euphoria feeling.

Marijuana treatments

Marijuana extracts are given to epileptic patients, the cannabinoids components in the marijuana control the seizures and it is responsible for the brain cells relaxation and regulations.

Marijuana components are used as the inflammatory bowel diseases and some ulcerative colitics

Cannabidiol is the one chemical , extracted from the Marijuana prevent cancer, it develops the non cancerous cell and helps them in spreading these cell throughout the body.

marijuana good for adult’s health

Bad facts about marijuana

Marijuana is considered as most abused drug in the world due to its some active components which makes the mind altering. Marijuana is legal in the 29 states of US. It is illegal in the federal government. CBD which stands for cannabidiol which is extract from the Marijuana, raises the question is Marijuana is good for adults health? THC is tetrahydricannabinol which has the good medical components whereas the CBD alters the consciousness in the patients.

Another active component of marijuana is the hippocampis which alters the memory and blocks the memory information. Hence the blockage in the memory causes cognitive impairments and also hastens the age-related brain cell loss.

As already THC components in marijuana, if over dosage of THC messes with the brain areas and causes the harder time for the user to walk and talk correctly, becoming clumsy. It also influence the ability to drive their vehicle.

marijuana good for adult’s health

Increase the risk of depression

It is evident that the marijuana consumers to feel depressed, when these cannabis are used in cigrates, while smoking via these cannabis, it increases the depression for the users who already suffers the genetic vulnerability and mental illness.

Prolong usage of marijuana smoking increased depression symptoms and gene responsible serotonin, hence responsible for the risk of increasing depression.

Some common disorders like intense anxiety, panic, fear and doubtfulness are the side effects. It is the report from the marijuana recreation center stated that the 20 – 30 percent of the users feels the intense anxiety.  When marijuana is consumed in the large doses the drug causes acute psychosis and also includes hallucinations, delusions and tends to the loss of personal identity and some mind related problems which are very distinct.

How to overcome the issues with Marijuana

Marijuana consumption either as the recreation or as the medical purposes, it is one of the hardest substance to withdraw the habit. The increasing consumption as the medicinal purposes as well as the alcoholics both are not wanting to quit, hence several rehabilition center are there for to treat the marijuana addicts. Once the people who are used to intake the component are cannot control their use, however they know the consequence of the element.

Marijuana treatment for withdrawal involves some comorbid disorders and similar psychiatric problems.

marijuana good for adult’s health

Rehabilition and detoxification centers

Not all the people need to use the inpatient rehabilition services, only the high addicted people need to do so.

Out patient therapy

Outpatient rehabilition programs involve the psychotherapist or mental health gaining services.

Support groups

There some support groups one can find local or virtual support from these groups to treat these marijuana use disorder. Is Marijuana Good for Adult’s Health

marijuana good for adult’s health

Symptoms for marijuana withdrawal

  • Irritation
  • Lack of sleep and appetite
  • Nausea and abdominal pain
  • Marijuana cravings
  • Restlessnes
  • Steps to overcome thes marijuana withdrawal symptopms
  • Healthy food intake such as fruits and vegetables
  • Stay hydrated using drink plenty of water
  • Enough sleep to make the body rest
  • Some physical exercise to stay active
  • Some emotional and motivational support from family and friends


Hence the conclusion for “Is Marijuana is good for adults health?” stated that the limited intake of the marijuana only for the medicinal purposes for the epidemic disease can be recommendable, but the user should follow the proper procedure to withdraw the marijuana.

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