Today’s smartphones are innovating whether in terms of function realization or taking pictures. HONOR 20 produced by HONOR is a perfect combination of the two.

In terms of appearance, HONOR 20 adopts a 6.26-inch hole-digging full-screen design. This size of the hole-digging full-screen appearance and overall screen-to-body ratio is remarkable. The size of the body under the blessing of the high screen-to-body ratio is much smaller than expected. And the one-handed operation is convenient. The LCD screen display effect is clear and delicate. And the fingerprint unlocking speed on the side is fast.

HONOR 20 Pro reviews new

For the camera, it has the 48MP + 16MP + 2MP + 2MP AI four-camera combination. The sensor is Sony IMX586. And the camera configuration can be said to have reached the level of the flagship machine.

The image quality in actual shooting is good for users. It supports ultra-wide-angle shooting and handheld super night scene and macro shooting. The front camera has 32 million pixels. It performs well in terms of selfie capabilities.

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of the configuration is 3750 mAh. The size of this battery capacity configuration does not consume electricity. And the battery life is good. One charge a day is for moderate use and two charge a day is for heavy use. The charging speed supports 22.5W of power. It takes about 80 minutes to fully charge.

HONOR 20 Pro reviews new

The configuration and daily experience performance have reached the high-end level of the industry. The fluency is good with the support of the super file and the Ark compiler. There was almost no lag during use.

As a conventional flagship, the overall strength of HONOR 20 is quite powerful. Regardless of the appearance and feel, the performance and camera performance are excellent.

In order to increase the interesting gameplay of video shooting, the 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens added to this smartphone has played a role. It can accommodate more scenes under the lens. When you walk in a beautiful place, how can you leave the regret of incomplete shooting? All you have to do is switch to the ultra-wide-angle lens when shooting videos. Such a simple operation makes ultra-wide-angle video shooting a feature that can’t be returned after use.

HONOR 20 Pro reviews new

Ultra wide-angle and macro are important functions to enhance the playability of the camera. The 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens can reach 17mm in the equivalent focal length, and when you need to shoot a wider scene, you can accommodate the beautiful scenery at once without having to step back. It is very suitable for scenes such as majestic buildings and group photos.

Macro is suitable for users who need to shoot very close objects. Users who love shooting know that sometimes they can get closer to discover the best details in life. For example, to shoot clear lines on leaves, this smartphone is a tool for you to discover the beauty of details.

There are so many kinds of mobile phones in smartphone store, it is not easy to find the right one for you.

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