SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) 2016 MBA entrance exam for Symbiosis Universities like SIBM Pune, SCMHRD and SIIB etc. SNAP 2016 exam conducted on Dec 18th, 2016. Exam pattern has changed from the last year from 180 questions to 150 questions. Number of questions from each section also changed. We will provide snap 2016 live analysis and answer key for all sets (P,Q,R,S).

Snap 2016 analysis updated – Scroll down to check analysis & SNAP 2016 Paper with Answer Key

SNAP 2016 Answer Key – Live Analysis of snap 2016 Exam:

SNAP exam is a paper-based test which consists of 150 questions. Time duration of test is 2 hours. It comprises of sections Quantitative Aptitude, General English, General Awareness and Logical & Analytical Reasoning. Since snap doesn’t have sectional cutoffs aspirants are free from their fears of clearing cutoffs. One need to concentrate more on their strengths to score high.

SNAP 2016 Answer Key - Live Analysis of snap 2016 exam
SNAP 2016 Answer Key – Live Analysis of snap 2016 exam

SNAP 2016 Test pattern:

Quantitative Aptitude – 40 Questions – 40 Marks

Quantitative Aptitude is number systems, Arithmetic dominant section. Though paper contains a lot of sitters and moderate questions which are easily doable in less than a minute. The serious aspirant must find easy questions first and try to avoid tricky questions. SNAP will throw few difficult and tricky questions take time more than actual those type of questions are meant to avoidable.

General English – 40 Questions – 40 Marks

General English consists of Reading comprehension, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Overall its a Vocabulary dominant section.

General Awareness – 30 Questions – 30 Marks

SNAP clearly mentioned only current affairs from last 2 years.

Logical & Analytical Reasoning – 40 Questions – 40 Marks

We can expect questions from Seating arrangement, Puzzles, Syllogisms, and Analytical.

Total number of questions – 150 Questions – 150 Marks

Time Duration – 120 Minutes ( 2 Hours)

SNAP 2016 Exam Live Analysis & Answer Key:

Here we will discuss SNAP 2016 exam live analysis, the level of difficulty and expected cutoffs. We will provide clear data of cutoffs and percentile which can be helpful to analyze your chances of getting SIBM pune, scmhrd GDPI calls. From the last 2 years data 98-99 percentile will fetch SIBM Pune call and 97-98 percentile will suffice to get SCMHRD call.

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SNAP 2016 analysis:

Quantitative Aptitude: Moderate – Difficult (17-20 Good attempts)

General English – Moderate (22-25 Good Attempts)

Logical and Analytical Reasoning – Moderate – Difficult (18-20 Good Attempts)

General Awareness – Easy – Moderate (12-15 Good Attempts)

Overall – SNAP 2016 is lengthy paper with a lot of time-consuming questions.

Moderate – Difficult (70 Good attempts)

Expected Cutoffs: 68-70 for SIBM Pune

68-70 for SIBM Pune

66-68 for SCMHRD

SNAP 2016 Question paper and Answer Key By Career launcher:

Q.1 Football club has been promoted to the Premier League Season 2016–17.

Ans: Burnley

Q.2 Who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature?

Ans: Bob Dylan

Q.3 Who will take over as the new UN Secretary General?

Ans: Antonio Guterres
Q.4 Who beat Michael Phelops in Rio to claim Singapore’s first ever Gold Medal in the Olympics.

Ans: Joseph Schooling
Q.5 Which country did Germany defeat to clinch the FIFA World Cup trophy in 2014?

Ans: Argentina
Q.6 The Kigali Agreement is related to

Ans: Phasing down the use of Hydroflorocarbons

Q.7 This Indian company was listed among the Top 50 global R&D spenders in 2015.

Ans: Tata Motors

Q.8 Which tournament is known as Women’s “Davis Cup”?

Ans: Fed Cup

Q.9 Who retired in December 2015 as Chairperson of HSBC India.

Ans: Naina Lal Kidwai

Q.10 The project has been launched in to make National Highways free of Railway Crossings?

Ans: Setu Bharatam

Q.11 who is the first African-American whose portrait will appear on the new series US$20 currency notes?

Ans: Harriet Tubman

Q.12 The Oscar 2016 Best Movie? Ans.

Ans: Spotlight

Q.13 Who is the youngest cricketer to score 10000 test runs?

Ans: Alistair Cook

Q.14 Indian scientist was honored by the International Astronautical Federation’s Hall of Fame award in 2016.

Ans: U R Rao

Q.15 The first Muslim mayor of London?

Ans: Sadiq Khan

Q.16 The organization recently signed an agreement to acquire LinkedIn?

Ans: Microsoft

Q.17 Flipkart acquired this fashion portal in July 2016?

Ans: Jabong

Q.18 Which operation was launched to evacuate Indians stranded in South Sudan in July 2016?

Ans: Sankat Mochan

Q.19 The Lata Mangeshkar Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2016 is given to.

Ans: Uttam Singh

Q.20 The world’s largest solar power plant at a single location is in

Ans: Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu

Q.21 The name of Google’s instant messenger is

Ans: Allo

Q.22 Which organization took control of Time Warner Cable?

Ans: Charter Communications

Q.23 The current Vice President of USA is?

Ans: Joe Biden

Q.24 Which tenhnology company did Dell Inc, acquire in 2016 and create the largest technology merger in history?

Ans: EMC Corp

Q.25 Match the following persons to the position they hold

Janet Yellen – US Fed Reserve
Urjit Patel – RBI

Q.26 The Paralympian was sentenced to six and half years of imprisonment in 2016 for the murder of his girlfriend.

Ans: Oscar Pistorius

Q.27 The mini satellite developed by engineering students of Pune, and launched by ISRO

Ans: Swayam

Q.28 Which animal carried out an attach at Disneyland, killing a 2 years old boy?

Ans: Alligator

Q.29 British MP was shot to death in 2016

Ans: Jo Cox

Q.30 The most realistic humanoid robot did China unveil recently?

Ans: Jia Jia

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Q.31 Number 100 to be written in form of mixed numbers using digits 1 to 9.

Ans: 11*

Q.32 Letters missing in the series S __ M F T M __

Ans: J, W*

Q.33 Question on orange and lemon juice.

Ans :Cannot be determined

Q.34 Question on boat and cloud burst. The boat was already two feet submerged , the total height of the boat was six feet.

Ans :None of the above


The next pattern would be


Q.36 Missing terms of the series 1, 2, 8, – 10, ___, ___


Q.37 What is Step 4 for an input whose Step 2 was given.
765, 42, 183, 289, 542, 65, 110, 350

Ans: 765 42 542 65 183 289 110 350

Q.38 Step 1 of the input was given,
785, 198, 32, 426, 373, 96, 49
had to find which step would have the given arrangement
785, 32, 426, 49, 198, 373, 96

Ans: Step 4

Q.39 Number of steps required to get the given final input.
39, 88, 162, 450, 386, 72, 29

Ans: 5

Q.40 What will be the Step 3 of the following Input?
239, 123, 58, 361, 495, 37

Ans: 495, 37, 361, 239, 123, 58

Q.41 New mobile application which can calculate lifespan.

Ans: 2 and 4 are

Q.42 Represent the word PUBLIC by numbers

Ans: 12, 30, 87, 41, 66, 33

Q.43 Find the missing number. 24, 39, 70,
123, ?, 319
474, ?, 928


Q.44 Find the missing number.
1001, 11001, ___


Find the missing number.


17 2 34 3


5 ? 4 102

Ans: 408

Q.46 Three circles to be moved in the diagram to make it vertically flipped

Ans: A G J

Q.47 The largest among given Roman numerals


Q.48 Four volumes of books, thickness 4cm. Worm had to travel…..

Ans: 16 cm*

Q.49 Number of triangles in the given figure

Ans: 23

Q.50 7 friends and colour of their dresses

Ans: Indigo

Q.51 Hour hand and the minute hand be together between 2 O’clock and 3 O’ clock?

Ans: 10.9090 mins past two

Q.52 The Independence Day in 1989 given that it was a Wednesday in 1988

Ans: Thursday

Q.53 A man stands on the middle step of a ladder cleaning the window panes of a building. He climbs six step up….

Ans: 29 steps

Q.54 A + B means A is the brother of B; A – B means A is mother of B and A * B means A is the sister of B. Which of the following means C is the maternal uncle of D?

Ans: C + K – D

Q.55 If 4 – 2 = 6, 15 – 3 = 12 and 13 – 2 = 26, then 35 – 5 = ?

Ans: 07

Q.56 In a class of 100 students there are 10 who had no knowledge in Integral Calculus or English Literature. 70 students were experts in integral calculus…

Ans: 62

Q.57 An automatic cutter takes one minute to cut any wooden or a metal piece….. How long will it take to cut a 15 feet wooden piece…

Ans: 14 mins

Q.58 A is the father of C and D is son of B. E is the brother of A…. How is I related to B?

Ans: Sister in Law

Q.59 David, Jack, Henry, Paul and Peter are in a park. They find a bench and decide to sit in a line next to the another….

Ans: David is sitting in the middle and Henry is sitting along with David (2 and 3 are true)

Q.60 Find the odd man out .

Ans: 6174*

Q.61 There are four friends A, B, C and D. The average of their heights is 74 inches…. What is the height of the tallest?

Ans: 80 inches

Q.62 Amit and Sumit are discussing about the temperature in Himalayas. Amit says ….. Zero Centigrade i.e 32 F….

Ans:Both Amit and Sumit are .

Q.63 A boy is stuck in a deep trap which is 30 meters in depth. Manages to climb 3 meters in a day and slides 2 meter in the night…..

Ans: 28 days

Q.64 Money: 144 then Dollar: _____

Ans: 124

Q.65 Find the next picture in the following series


Q.66 Find the next picture in the following series.


Q.67 There are 30 railway stations between A and B, which includes A and B…. Number of tickets issued at station A …..

Ans: 870

Q.68 Many political activists have decided to start demonstrations and block traffic movement in the city during peak hours to protest against the steep rise in prices of essential commodities.

Ans: The police should deploy additional forces all over the city.

Q.69 Select the missing number from the given responses.
180, 370, 750, 1510, 3030, ?

Ans: None of these

Q.70 Find the missing number.
2 3 5
9 17 33
65 129 ?

Ans: 257


Q.71 Last year … PM ___ the festival with troops.

Ans: Spent

Q.72 Marine algae ______ a key role …

Ans: Plays

Q.73 365 farmers ended their ____

Ans: Higher

Q.74 The students were awaiting _________

Ans: None of the above. No article is needed.

Q.75 Rich merchant was loved for ___

Ans: Magnanimous, Generous

Q.76 Father had little cause to ___ dot com boom to doom.

Ans: Regret, Rue

Q.77 doubtful about making a judgement

Ans: Agnostic

Q.78 Deja vu

Ans: Already seen

Q.79 Sunflower, moonlight etc. are:

Ans: Compound words

Q.80 Nadir

Ans: Lowest point

Q.81 Abstruse

Ans: Obtuse

Q.82 Ebullient

Ans: Jovial

Q.83 Please _________ me so with your valuable

Ans: Advise, Advice

Q.84 Alluding the police ___

Ans: Alluding, Elude

Q.85 Discrete / Discreet

Ans: Distinct/Subtle

Q.86 Ingenious / Ingenuous

Ans: Clever/Innocent

Q.87 Gregarious

Ans: Reserved

Q.88 Querulous

Ans: Affable

Q.89 Lucid

Ans: Obscure

Q.90 Achilles’ heel meaning ?

Ans: Everyone has a vulnerable point

Q.91 Wealthy : Indigent

Ans:Graceful : Gauche

Q.92 Almond : Nut

Ans: Cheddar : Cheese

Q.93 Chaff : Wheat

Ans: Dregs : Wine

Q.94 Arrange the sentences below in the sequence to create the most logical paragraph.
A. The special package …
B. This is expected to..
C. The subsidy transmission…
D. Besides, the government…
E. However,…
F. “All these measures…” Original source:

Ans: – Source The original passage had a slightly different sentence order. However, no such option was given in the question.

Q.95 Arrange the sentences below in the sequence to create the most logical paragraph.
A. Insuring your vehicle…
B. What only a few people…
C. This compensation can run…
D. This third – party liability…
E. General insurance companies…
F. They contend they are losing…

Ans: The source is The sentences came in the right order.

Q.96 Passage is written by ___ and highlights ____

Ans: Three academics from countries, ideological differences.

Q.97 Fiscal austerity is given to:

Ans: They believe …main culprits..profligacy…

Q.98 Why was 1945 important?

Ans: The perspectives were reversed before this year.

Q.99 French or German perspectives:

Ans: There was only one option which mentioned FFG…

Q.100 What optimistic solution is suggested?

Ans: A Europe-wide insurance mechanism…

Q.101 Reviewer of the book feels about the future of Euro – zone:

Ans: All the statements are true.

Q.102 What is the reason that sewage sludge has not been used earlier”

Ans: Sludge is too wet and is intensive and expensive.

Q.103 Name of the revolutionary technology:

Ans: Hydrothermal liquefaction.

Q.104 Names of the processes:

Ans: Heat and Pressure

Q.105 Fats and Lipids sludge help to:

Ans: First three statements were true and the last one was not.

Q.106 Nutrient’s name:

Ans: Phosphorous

Q.107 Rearrange the sentences to form a logical paragraph.
A. Everyone in Bitcoin network…
B. All transactions…
C. These sites…
D. Exchanges provide…

Ans: Original source:

Q.108 CR question – Conclusion from the paragraph related to “Brain is a wrinkly organ!”

Ans: The brain grows very fast in early childhood.

Q.109 Many countries have compulsory voting. Weakening the argument –

Ans: The system of law is slow.

Q.110 ‘Baker’s dozen’ meaning –

Ans: Thirteen.

Quantitative Ability

Q.111 When the equation {(x + y)3 – (x – y)3 – 6y(x2 – y2)}* y is simplified, it gives the expression

Ans: None of the above (8y4)


Ans: 2, –5/6

Q.113 In the figure given below AB || CD, a° would be

Ans: 135°
Note: The questions can’t be answered on the basis of given information; however, the best answer out of the given options can be 135°.


Ans: 30, 17/3

Q.115 A number of dogs get together and decided to kill between then 999919 cats. Each dog killed equal number of cats. How many dogs were there?

Ans: None of these (991)

Q.116 A specially designed cycle has different sized wheels at the front and back. What is the circumference of the front wheel?

Ans: 8 feet

Q.117 A started to chase B, when B was 27 steps ahead of A….. After how many steps did A catchup with B?

Ans: 30

Q.118 Square block which is 4m X 4m. Which is the possible solutions that gives the liters of paints that was used for the design.


Q.119 Magical bells which ring 18 times in a day. The maximum number of bells in the Church is..

Ans: 10

Q.120 In a software company average of all female employees is 21 years…. The total number of employees could be…

Ans: 231

Q.121 Bag contains 12 balls out of which some are red….How many red balls were initially in the bag.?

Ans: None of the above (2)

Q.122 Log tan1° + Log tan2° + ……..Log tan89°

Ans: 0

Q.123 John procures goods from wholesaler whose balance reads 1200 grams for 1000 grams… What is his overall percentage profit/loss in the whole transaction?

Ans: 50% profit

Q.124 Ram is two times as efficient as Shyam. Shyam can complete a job assignment in 15 days….. For how many days Ram and Shyam work together?

Ans: 2 days

Q.125 The unit digit in the answer to following equation is 2 y = (129*256*47$*1484). Then the digit in the place of $ could be

Ans: 7

Q.126 A & B were the only 2 women participating in a Chess Tournament…. How many total participant were there in the chess tournament?

Ans: 13

Q.127 Rohan speaks truth 60% of the cases and Ramesh speaks truth in 80% of the cases.The probability that they will say the same thing which could be a truth or could be a lie while describing a single event would be

Ans: 0.56

Q.128 A clock which is running 12 minutes late on a Sunday noon is 16 minutes ahead of the time at 12 noon on the next Sunday. When is the clock 8 minutes ahead of the time?

Ans: Friday noon

Q.129 In the figure given below ABCD is square and EFG is triangle…. What is the ratio of the area of the larger circle to thesum of the areas of four smaller circles?


Q.130 Baba Baskar has 6 kinds of fruits in a large amount and has many identical boxes to store them…. The maximum number of fruits he can put in the boxes is

Ans: 375

Q.131 The Units digits of
Ans: 7

Q.132 In a train there are as many wagons as the number of seats in each wagon….. find the maximum number of passengers (to an approximate value) in the train that can be accommodate if 20% minimum of seats is always vacant.

Ans: 980

Q.133 A train left station X at A hours B minutes…. What is the number of possible values of A is?

Ans: Zero

Q.134 Consider the equation Y = (5!)5! + (10!)10! + (50!)50! + (100!)100! The number of zeros at the end of the whole expression would be _____

Ans: 120

Q.135 A bouncing ball rebounds to a height equal to one half of height of the previous bounce each time…. find total distance travelled when it hits the ground for the 8th time.

Ans: 47.750

Q.136 A normal pulse rate is define as a range in which nearly 2/3 of individuals fall. As per this standard, what is the normal pulse rate range in an individual before exercise?

Ans: Above 69 and below 80

Q.137 In a selection process pulse rate below 75 per minute before exercise and below 80 per minute after exercise was fixed as the standard….. How many more individuals than before are being selected because of the new standard?

Ans: 40*
Note: The answer is not given among the options.

Q.138 After exercise approximating 40% of the individuals had a pulse rate per minute not higher than

Ans: 84

Q.139 If a man walks from A to B and then takes a bike from B to A, he takes 5 hours….. How long would he take to walk from A to B and then back from B to A if he rests at B for 30 minutes?

Ans: 8.5 hours

Q.140 A merchant marks up his goods by 80% and gives discount of 25%…. What is the net profit of the merchant?

Ans: 50%

Q.141 In the figure given below find q°

Ans: 60°

Q.142 If a = 0, b = 1, c = 2 ……… z = 25
Then (one + one + two + two + three + six + eighty)* (six + ten + one + two) / (six + eighty) is

Ans: None of the above

Q.143 In a group of 100 children 32% play hockey, 64% play football and 40% play cricket. In another group of 200 children 20 % play chess, 30% play carom and 40% play ludo whereas 10% play snake and ladder.

Ans: 30

Q.144 The number of passengers travelling in the train while it runs from B to C is

Ans: 318

Q.145 At which station the train is filled to its capacity?

Ans: C

Q.146 If 20% of passengers from A get dropped at C, then how many passengers of station B get dropped at C?

Ans: 14

Q.147 The HCF of two expression P and Q is 1. The LCM is

Ans: P × Q

Q.148 The number of triangles whose vertices are the vertices of an octagon but none of the sides of such triangles are taken from the sides of the octagon is

Ans: 16

Q.149 One side of an equilateral triangle is 24 centimeters. The mid points of its sides are joined to form another triangle whose mid points are in turn joined to form still another triangle.

Ans: 144 cm

Q.150 A and B entered into a partnership with Capital Investment in the ratio 4 : 5. After 3 months A withdrew 1/4 of his capital and B withdrew 1/5 of his capital. The gain at the end of 10 months was Rs. 760/-. The share of profit A is

Ans: Rs. 330

Stay tuned to this page, We will update SNAP cutoffs and results information here.

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