JEE Main 2017 exam Paper 1 held today across India around 1100 examination centres. JEE Main is an important examination for the engineer aspirants who dream to study in the top IITs, NIT’s in India. JEE Main exam conducted in offline mode today and it is scheduled to conduct in offline mode on April 8th and 9th, 2017. JEE Main official answer key will be released on April 18th, 2017. Here we will provide you JEE Main Answer Key 2017 given by top institutes like aakash,Resonance, FITJEE, Bansal, CareerPoint, Narayana & Srichaitanya. JEE main exam results will be released on April 27, 2017.

JEE Main Answer Key (SET A,B,C,D) 2017 – Live Analysis @

JEE main answer key provided by us is an unofficial answer key given by top coaching institutes. We are not responsible for any further complaints regarding answer key. Please go through the unofficial answer key and wait for the official answer key which is going to declare on April 18th, 2017. We will give first on net updates regarding the JEE Main 2017 answer key to be declared on the official jee main portal ( Below we provided few questions from the today JEE Main Question Paper. Please go through the questions and comment & discuss the answers below.

JEE Main Answer Key (SET A,B,C,D) 2017 - Live Analysis @
JEE Main Answer Key (SET A,B,C,D) 2017 – Live Analysis @

Instructions from the JEE Main 2017 booklet:

Immediately fill in the particulars on this page of the Test Booklet with only Black Ball Point Pen provided in the examination hall.

The Answer Sheet is kept inside this Test Booklet. When you are directed to open the Test Booklet, take out the Answer Sheet and fill the the particulars carefully.

1 mark will be deducted for indicating incorrect response of each question. No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated t’or an item in the answer sheet.

There is only one correct response for each question. Filling up more than one response in any question will be treated as wrong response and marks for wrong response will be deducted accordingly.

No candidate is allowed to carry any textual material, printed or writing bits of papers, pager, mobile phone, any electronic device, etc. except the Admit Card inside the examination room/ hall. Rough work is to be done on the space provided for this purpose in the Test Booklet only. This space is given at the bottom of each page and in four pages (Page 20-23) at the end of the booklet.

IIT Main 2017 Exam Pattern:

The test is of 3 hours duration.

The Test Booklet consists of 90 questions. The maximum marks are 360.

There are three parts in the question paper A, B, C consisting of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry having 30 questions in each part of equal weightage. Each question is allotted 4 (four) marks for correct response.

JEE Main Question Paper 2017:

Physics Questions:

A radioactive nucleus A with a half life T, decays into a nucleus B. At t=0, there is no nucleus B. At sometime t, the ratio of the number of’B to that oI A is 0.3. Then, t is given by ?

The following observations were taken for determining surface tension T of water by capillary method : diameter of caPillary, D:1.25×10-2 m rise of water, h:1.45×10-2 m. Using g:9.99 m/s2 and the simplified retation T= f!-C x1o3 N/m, the possible error in surface tension is closest to ?

An electron beam is accelerated by a potential difference V to hit a metallic target to produce X-rays. It produces continuous as well as characteristic X-rays. If tr^in is the smallest possible wavelength of X-ray in the spectrum, the variation of log \-” with log V is correctly represented in: ?

The moment of inertia of a uniform cylinder of length I and radius R about perpendicular bisector is I. What is ratio I/R such that the moment of inertia is minimum ?

A slender uniform rod of mass M e length I is pivoted at one end so that it , rotate in a vertical plane (see figure). Th is negligible friction at the pivot. The I end is held vertically above the pivot a then released. The angular accelerat of the rod when it makes an angle 0 u the vertical is ?

A copper ball of mass 100 gm is at a temperature T. It is dropped in a copper Calorimeter of mass 100 gm, filled with 170 gm of water at room temperature Subsequently, the temperature of the system is found to be 75’C. T is given by : (Given : room temperature = 30’C, specific heat of copper=01 cal/ gm°c) ?

In a Young’s double slit experiment slits are separated by 0.5 mm, and the screen is placed 150 cm away. A beam of light consisting of two wavelengths, 650 nm and 520 nm, is used to obtain interference fringes on the screen’ The least distance from the common central maximum to the point where the bright fringes due to both the wavelengths coincide is ?

A time dependent force F = 6t acts on a particle of mass 1 kg. If the particle starts from rest, the work done by the force during the first 1 sec. will be?

A capacitance of 2 µF is required in an electrical circuit across a potential difference of 1.0 kV. A large number of 1 pF capacitors are available which can withstand a potential difference of not more than 300 V. The minimum number of capacitors required to achieve this is?

A diverging lens with magnitude of focal length 25 cm is placed at a distance of 15 cm from a converging lens of magnitude of focal length 20 cm. A beam of parallel light falls on the diverging lens. The final image formed is?

Chemistry Questions:

The most abundant elements by mass in the body of a healthy human adult are : Oxygen (6-1.4’/,); Carbon (22.9%), Hydrogen (10.0″/,); and Nitrogen (2.6%). The weight which a 75 kg person would gain if all 1H atoms are replaced by 2H atoms is ?

ΔU is equal to: (1) Isobaric work (2) Adiabatic work (3) Isothermal work (4) Isochoric work ?

The formation of which of the following polymers involves hydrolysis reaction ? (1) Bakelite (2) Nylon 6, 6 (3) Terylene (4) ” Nylon 6

The Tyndall effect is observed only when following conditions are satisfied :

(a) The diameter of the dispersed particles is much smaller than the wavelength of the light used.

(b) The diameter of the dispersed particle is not much smaller than the wavelength of the light used.

(c) The refractive indices of the disperse’d phase and dispersion medium are almost similar in magnitude.

(d) The refractive indices of the dispersed phase and dispersion medium differ greatly in magnitude.

Options: (1). (b) and (d) , (2). (a) and (c) (3). (b) and (c) (4). (a) and (d)

Both lithium and magnesium display several similar properties due to the diagonal relationship; however, the one which is incorrect, is :

(1) both form soluble bicarbonates

(2) both form nitrides

(3) nitrates of both Li and Mg yield NO2, and O2, on heahng

(4) both form basic carbonates

3-Methyl-pent-2-ene on reaction with HBr in presence of peroxide forms an addition product. The number of possible stereoisomers for the product is : (1) Zero (2) Two (3) Four (4) Six

A metal crystallises in a face centred cubic structure. If the edge length of its unit cell is ‘a’, the closest approach between two atoms in metallic crystal will be ?

JEE Main Answer Key 2017 (SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D):

Stay tuned to this page, We will provide the first on net Answer Key of SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D of both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

SET B, SET C and SET D Answer Key by Plancess:

JEE Main Answer Key SET B
JEE Main Answer Key SET B
JEE Main Answer Key SET C
JEE Main Answer Key SET C
Jee Main Answer Key SET D
Jee Main Answer Key SET D

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