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and so it ends…

Posted by Producer Bill on Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Dear Friends,

We wanted to give an official “thank you,” to all of you who have watched, downloaded, subscribed, enjoyed, commented-on, or just downright supported Geek-Week. This project was a blast from minute 1, and we’re all really proud of the result. Most of all, we’re proud of our fans and supporters who stuck with us through the project.

Alas, as with all fun endeavors, we are officially ending Geek-Week. We set out to make the kind of Podcast that WE wanted to watch, and we did. Now, we have new goals in sight and new projects we want to try our hand at. We’re reinstating the forums for the next couple weeks for those of you who wanna chat, ask questions, discuss cheese, etc. After the first of the year, we’ll be closing them down permanently, though the main site will remain up indefinitely.

As with all our previous endeavors, all episodes of Geek-Week will remain online, and will be available here, on itunes, youtube, etc. You can always reach us through this site. We’d love for you guys to stick with us, and to keep up with all our future projects, please visit our other production sites:
Bad Attitude Productions website (coming soon)

It was a fun ride, we learned a lot, (especially about Miss Marvel,) made new friends, (most notably, Lime-Kitty,) and now we must say adieu. So from Jack, Brian, Sarah, Julius Marx, Matt, Mike, Bill, Sean, and of course, The Mighty Thor, we wish you all the best, and Thank You.

nerdiest of nerdy

Posted by Jack Conway on Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

You either know what it is or you don’t. If you do, some awesome screengrabs. And I dare you to get the theme song OUT of your head once you hear it again. And hey, not a bad page, considering it was built in 1998!


Posted by Jack Conway on Friday, July 20th, 2007

This was the opener to a Playstation 1 Jurassic Park game. To this DAY every time I see the opening credits to a Dreamworks film, I think of this

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