Being a dentist, I come across parents who visit my clinic and say that my kids do no like to brush. He/she make excuses to not brush. That they find really hard to get their little munchkins to brush their teeth.

And because they avoid brushing or rather neglect the habit which is really important not only for their teeth but for their entire health, they end up damaging their teeth, for instance, they get cavities.

But as parents, it is totally your responsibility to make your little one brush their teeth regularly. There are various ways wherein you can do that and through this blog we will be sharing such ideas.

The ways to get your child brush and take care of the teeth

Make it a fun-filled activity

Your little ones avoid brushing because they find it really boring. Standing in front of the mirror with a toothbrush in hand and brushing teeth makes it boring. Get involved with them. Play on their favourite song and get them to dance along. This will help them in two ways:

  1. It will make it interesting
  2. They will be brushing for a goof 2-3 minutes which is normally required

You can also make use of video selfies while brushing wherein you can use various filters to make it more engaging and fun-filled. Or you can even try out playing the part of their favorite cartoon character. Talking in their favorite cartoon voice will make it interesting for them and they will play along and will indulge in the brushing habit with you.

Make Brushing with Your Child Fun

Join them in the fun

If you are making it a fun-filled event for them, then make sure that you are completely involved. Start brushing with them. This will make them imitate you, as a result you will be able to teach them the right way of brushing. They will feel motivated and this will help them to make brushing as a habit. Brush along in the morning as well as in the night for making them adopt such a habit. Once you join them in the fun, the kids will find the activity even more pleasing and this can help form the habit over time.

Reward them

Kids get motivated when they are rewarded for something. But this should not be a matter for like always. As if you plan to reward them everytime they brush, then it will convert into bribing them rather than rewarding them. Make a chart for them wherein you will give them points and at the end of every month calculate their points and reward them accordingly. Make sure that the reward is not of high value as they will get used to it and will then brush only for reward. A simple pat on the back and a few words of appreciation in front of others will do them good.

Make Brushing with Your Child Fun

Make brushing a game

You can go ahead with building up an imaginary story saying that your mouth is full of ‘sweet bugs’ and you need to fight against this. Brushing is a way where you can fight back. Tie a cape at your child’s neck and help him/her to be a superhero who fights off with these bugs and saves all the teeth. You can also show them using a board how brushing can kill the bacteria in the mouth and keep their teeth healthy and strong. Games and visuals often have a big impact on the minds of kids as you can use them to inculcate good oral care habits.

Go for kids brushing kit available in the market

The market today is flooded with the cute products for kids which are way attractive than the adult products. Go for kids toothbrush and toothpaste which will make them inclined to these products and will then help them to be interested in brushing. Having seen their favorite cartoon character on the toothpaste pack or on toothbrush will urge them to go brushing which can be developed as a habit. A special kids toothpaste should be used for them to learn how to brush. Kids have a tendency to swallow the toothpaste. Using a toothpaste specially for them will not harm them in any form.

Go for Child Specialist

There is a way to deal with kids and the pediatric dentist specializes in it. Only a children dentist should be chosen to take your child to a dentist. It would be a mistake to take the kid to the dentist for adults as such professionals don’t know the psychology of handling kids. After all, your kids dental care is equally important so do not neglect that at any cost and ever. Look out for best pediatric dentist near me for better options and right treatment for any problem ever.

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