Chipotle Mexican Grill is the chain of the Mexican food restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries. Chipotle was founded in 1993. They offer their services over 2000 locations.

Chipotle serves Mexican foods. Chipotle motto is “Food With Integrity”. They believe to made food with fresh ingredients and provide a high quality of food so that everyone can get a proper meal. Catering Chipotle has a straightforward, dedicated menu which is made for everyone. preferred quality over quantity.

They provide classy Mexican food that will make you fall in love with Chipotle Catering. They are well-known for their catering services. Chipotle Catering is one of the best services they have because in this you can create your own tacos and bowls from the given ingredients. It is the best food chain for the Chipotle catering service.

” Chipotle Restaurant Menu | Chipotle Catering “

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Chipotle Restaurant Menu

Their menu has five items, which is –  Burritos, Bowls, Tacos, Quesadillas, and Salads. They have burritos ( Veg & Non-veg), Same with the bowls, Tacos, and Salads. It’s price lies between from $2 to $7 for veg and non-veg respectively. You have lots of customizable choices like rice, beans, cheese, and lettuce. There are four different choices of salsas. They are most known for the sofritas, burritos, rice, beans, cheese, sour cream and salsa.

Along with these they also have Children’s Menu and drinks as well. They have Cheese Quesadilla ( Veg & Non-Veg) for children. They will charge $3 to $5 for this.

Also Available: Snacks and drinks are also available in the menu ( Beer, Soda, and Children’ Drinks).

You can check the detailed list of their menu and price. Check Below

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Chipotle Catering

If you have any small party, functions or get together, then the Chipotle catering service is the best. Their service is best for the group of 10-200 peoples. You can choose the service according to your choice. They offer excellent service, which is worth of money. Not only the menu, but Chipotle Catering has also built your own option in which you can make your own tacos and bowls, which is perfect for your party, according to your taste and preferences. The dishes and napkins will be provided by the catering company, So you don’t need to worry about this. Chipotle offers it with their best catering service.

” Here’s the list of plans they offer and Price of Chipotle Catering ” 

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Below Catering Services by Chipotle:

Chipotle Catering for SINGLE:

If you have a regular casual party, then go for the SINGLE because it comes with everything you need to make delicious tacos and bowls. It cost you approx $10 per person.

Chipotle Catering for DOUBLE:

It is just like the single, but it gives you one thing extra. The DOUBLE offer comes with one additional protein, one extra, and chips. The double proposal will cost you up to $12 per person.

Chipotle Catering for TRIPLE:

As the name suggests, It has three proteins and maximum extras for your convenience. It will cost you approx $14 per person.

After choosing the plan, Now you can create a menu for your group. Choose Bases, Proteins, Salsas, Toppings/Premium Toppings, and Tortillas. You can select Burritos by the box (Each box for 6 and more people). It can order for 20 or more people. Burritos will cost you up to $9 for each box.

For Snacks, you have Chips and Salsa Spread ( For 10 or more people). It can cost you $40 to $55 for 10-15 (big) peoples and 15-20 peoples (bigger) respectively.

Great taste with an excellent service from Chipotle Catering.

Now, You have all set. Your guest can make their own tacos and bowls according to their choices.This might be a little expensive but believe me, this is worth of money.

What time does Chipotle open hours?


For the orders  and Offers Inquiry:

For the orders – Call Chipotle – 1800-244-7685 / Official Website Chipotle

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